TMC SoySolvent - 55 gallon drum
TMC SoySolvent - 55 gallon drum

TMC SoySolvent - 55 gallon drum

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Soy-based, Biodegradable Parts Cleaner

TMC SoySolvent is a specially formulated, biodegradable and recyclable, soy methyl cleaner / degreaser that replaces petroleum solvents for cleaning parts and equipment. SoySolvent contains no hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), is non-toxic and has no strong odor, fumes or vapor. It is a non-petroleum-based, biodegradable product derived from renewable American-grown soybeans. It removes grease, oil, sludge, dirt, tar, asphalt, adhesive and more without harming the cleaning surface.

Using TMC Industries’ reclamation services, TMC SoySolvent can be recycled, further saving money and disposal costs.


             Industrial Parts and Equipment                               Tools

             Automotive and Aircraft Parts                                  Concrete Floors

             Engines and Motors                                                Pumps

             Construction Equipment                                          Generators and more




Light yellow liquid


Mild, bland odor

Kauri Butanol (KB) Value

(d’Limonene = 56, Mineral Spirits = 35)

Specific Gravity


Flash Point

> 300° F


Organic solvent, silicones and  fluorocarbon solvents 

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