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Part Number: 4817-05T
SSP 1208WA Silicone Grease, 5.3 oz tube
SSP 1208WA Silicone Grease, 5.3 oz.
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SSP 1208WA Silicone Grease, 5.3 oz tube
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SSP-1208WA is a lubricating grease designed for a wide range of applications where contacting surfaces are under medium to light loads, and where wide temperature ranges are expected. SSP-1208WA is useful as corrosion inhibitor, plastics gear lubricant, and mold release. It is best suited for conditions where  extreme water resistance are desired. SSP-1208WA features minimal separation at temperatures up to 500°F, low volatility, and is non corrosive to plastics.

Key Features/Benefits: Low Volatility (no corrosive gases), Excellent Dispersion, Wide Temperature Range, Non Corrosive, Excellent Stability, Minimal Separation, Water Repellency .

Typical Applications: Fractional HP Motors, Metal and Plastics Lubricant, Computer Printer Drives, Recreational Vehicles, Home Appliances, Chain Drives, Valve Components. Used by the US Postal Service to lubricate the bearings on the high speed Delivery Bar Code Sorter (DBCS).

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