Reclaimed Fluids

TMC buys and sells used vacuum pump oils and specialty fluorinated fluids. We recycle and reclaim them using high vacuum distillation, restoring them to their original condition and purity. Our reclaim service provides you with a significant savings over the cost of new fluid, reduces your waste stream and disposal costs, while improving your environmental stewardship.

Call 800-772-8179 / 952-442-1140 to talk to one of our Reclamation Specialists.
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HT-200 PFPE Heat Transfer Fluid, Reclaimed
In Stock
TMC FC-40 - bulk sold by the lb.
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TMC Solvent Cleaner for Krytox  - 12 lb. jug
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HFE-7100 - Reclaimed by TMC, 12 lb.
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FC-770 - Reclaimed by TMC, 11 lb.
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FC-3283 - Reclaimed by TMC, 11 lb. Gallon
Out of Stock. Call for Availability.
FC-43 - Reclaimed by TMC, 11 lb.
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