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Chemours Krytox Oil
Krytox oils are made from only fluorine, carbon, and oxygen — a mixture of compounds collectively known as perfluoropolyether (PFPE). Krytox perfluorinated oils deliver high performance, perform at wide temperature ranges, and provide superior quality lubrication under extreme conditions in comparison to hydrocarbon alternatives.
  • General Purpose (GPL)
    When you're choosing a lubricant for critical applications, there's no room for doubt. Maximum durability isn't just desired, it's required. That's when you need the most advanced lubricant formulated from space-age fluoropolymer technology. Krytox™ GPL Delivers Performance. When compared to other lubricants, only Krytox™ oils and greases combine stability, high-temperature performance, nonflammability, and chemical inertness with outstanding lubrication under a variety of conditions.
  • Extreme Pressure (XP)
    The Krytox™ XP oils use a unique, patented soluble additive to enhance the performance of Krytox™ PFPE greases and oils, giving them improved performance properties. Bearings run quieter and wear less, because there are no solid additives to make noise. Lower wear will extend bearing and component life. The anticorrosion protection of the additive will reduce rusting and allow longer grease and bearing life. The extreme pressure properties of the additive protect bearings under high loads.
  • Vacuum Pump Fluid (VPF)
    A premium synthetic perfluoropolyether (PFPE) mechanical vacuum pump fluid which is the product of choice where complete non-flammability, oxygen compatibility and resistance to aggressive chemicals are requirements. Low vapor pressures and its ability to be reclaimed make this an excellent choice for plasma, CVD and other semiconductor operations
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Krytox  XHT-500 Oil, 1.1 lb. / 0.5 kg.
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