DuPont  Teflon® Severe Service Grease, 14 oz Cartridge
DuPont Teflon Severe Service Grease, 14 oz cartridge

DuPont Teflon® Severe Service Grease, 14 oz Cartridge

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DuPont™ Teflon® Severe Service Grease

DuPont™ Teflon® Severe Service Grease is a premium quality, industrial grade grease utilizing a new state-of-the-art thickener technology. Formulated with Teflon fluoropolymer for maximum water repellency and boundary lubrication protection. Contains no heavy metals. This grease provides superior lubricity, outstanding high temperature thermal stability (-40°F to 350°F), and excellent rust and corrosion protection, especially in salt water and high moisture applications. Water washout and mechanical stability properties far surpass lithium complex greases, making this grease ideal for high load and high contamination applications.

This multi-functional industiral grease is well suited for most industrial applications, and especially for with temperature bearings, brushings, and gear couplings used in mining, steel mill and construction equipment. A dropping point in excess of 572°F (300°C) ensures superior retention in these high temperature applications.

Meets NLGI Service Classification GC-LB (ASTM D-4950).

Fully compatible with Lithium Complex, Calcium Sulfonate, Calcium Stearate, Barium Complex and Shear Stable Polyurea Greases.


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