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Part Number: 32511
DuPont  Teflon® Heavy Equipment Grease, 16 oz tub
DuPont Teflon Heavy Equipment Grease, 16 oz tub
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DuPont Teflon® Heavy Equipment Grease, 16 oz tub
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DuPont Teflon® Heavy Equipment Grease

DuPont Teflon® Heavy Equipment lubricating grease is formulated to meet the extreme conditions encountered on off-highway construction equipment, as well as the demands of heavy equipment used in farming, mining and trucking. This grease meets Caterpillar 1E1487 lubricating grease specification. Formulated with high viscosity base oils, thickened with a lithium complex binder, and fortified with both molybdnum disulfide and Teflon fluoropolymer to provide superior load carrying and anti-wear performance.

DuPont Teflon® Heavy Equipment grease contains synthetic polymers, a unique blend of extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, and premium rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide outstanding adhesion and performance in wet conditions. A minimum dropping point of 500 F (260 C) ensures superior retention in high temperature applications. Recommended operating temperature range: -10 F to 350 F.

Excellent compatibility with Lithium 12 Hydroxy Stearate, Lithium Complex, Lithium Stearate, Calcium Sulfonate, Calcium Complex, Calcium Stearate, Calcium 12 Hydroxy Stearate, Aluminum Complex and Shear Stable Polyurea Greases.


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